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Luc Maurice Foundation invites anyone to promptly disclose any unacceptable behaviour from an employee or supervisor. Disclosure can be done:

  • By sending an email to the Luc Maurice Foundation Ethics Officer at the following email address: info@fondationlucmaurice.org;

  • By calling the Disclosure Line at (514) 331-2788 ext. 20240

  • By sending the disclosure in writing to the following address, indicating on the envelope “Private and Confidential“:
    Disclosure / Luc Maurice Foundation
    Attention of the Ethics Officer
    2400, rue des Nations, bureau 137
    Montréal (Québec) H4R 3G4

Anyone making a disclosure under this policy must act in good faith, honestly believe the statement is soundly based, and support it with facts. You can consult Le Groupe Maurice’s Code of Ethics and Disclosure Policy by clicking HERE.


Please contact the person in charge of document access and personal information protection at Luc Maurice Foundation if you have any questions or concerns regarding Luc Maurice Foundation’s management of your personal information or its statement in this regard. We undertake to look into any questions or concerns you may have and to respond to them.

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