At the Luc Maurice Foundation, we believe that aging is a privilege and we want a maximum of Quebecers to enjoy this phase of their lives. If the seniors are happy, our entire society benefits, and we can find inspiration in the experience of the elderly citizens.

Luc Maurice

2023: Still as human as ever

This year, many projects and initiatives promoting healthy aging have been launched, which we have had the chance to participate in or support. The meetings have been inspiring, and I have high hopes that they will lead to meaningful partnerships advancing the cause of older adults. You’ll have the opportunity to see a summary of the highlights of 2023 in the pages of this annual report.

While there is much to celebrate in these numerous and outstanding accomplishments, it’s also crucial to acknowledge that, despite the urgent trends in population aging and its societal consequences, a disproportionately small percentage of annual grants and donations in North America are allocated to supporting older individuals.

Imagine if foundations like ours could make a significant difference by helping to increase this alarmingly low proportion...

Confronted with this scenario, I’m increasingly convinced of the importance of our collective mission, which resonates deeper every day, inspiring people to come together and take concerted action. We need to shift our focus from solely treating and caring for older adults to embracing the diversity of aging experiences – recognizing that everyone ages uniquely, with their own distinct life journey.

Even with our best intentions, we must go beyond words and take tangible steps to create a society that truly values and embraces the diversity and uniqueness of older people, who are an integral part of our community and contribute to its vibrancy.

Let’s work together to make Quebec not only a great place to live, but also a society where it’s great to age with dignity and respect.

Director of the Luc Maurice Foundation



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