The Luc Maurice Foundation is committed to supporting organizations and causes that contribute to the well-being and fulfillment of seniors from Quebec by promoting freedom to act and think. 

Luc Maurice

Having an adequate home, eating well, feeling safe, having a support system, being respected, free, independent, and as healthy as possible...we should all be able to satisfy our basic needs. Whether we’re alone or accompanied by loved ones, we should also all be able to live according to our most deeply held beliefs, and above all, to age as blissfully as can be until the end of our lives.

The Fondation Luc Maurice is committed to supporting organizations, individuals and causes that contribute to the well-being and foster the growth of Quebec’s elderly so they can continue to pursue their aspirations in happiness.

When it formed its own Foundation in the fall of 2017, the Groupe Maurice team’s goal was to have a more official body that could expand its pool of donors to further help the organizations and individuals that work toward the well-being of seniors in Quebec.

The dream of a fierce defender

of seniors

The Luc Maurice Foundation proudly carries the name of the founder of Le Groupe Maurice, who is also its source of inspiration. Luc Maurice has always come to the aid of senior citizens.  They are one of his primary reasons for living. By promoting the importance of doing our part for our community, Luc Maurice aimed to transfer the Groupe Maurice mission into our society, a mission that goes well beyond developing, building and managing residences for retirees. His primary motivation has always been to ensure that seniors can live according to their beliefs in an inspiring living environment that not only promotes their comfort, independence, health, socialization, commitment and growth, but ultimately, their happiness.

Because aging is not dying. Because the will to live doesn’t go away. Because going grey doesn’t mean you’re losing grey matter. Because our elders don’t always want to be told what to do. Because they helped us become who we are today...

The Fondation Luc Maurice takes special pride in supporting organizations that endeavour to improve the health of our seniors and those who provide them with opportunities to socialize, because they have a major impact on their happiness. Having a good support system and being in good shape is what makes them the happiest according to a 2017 Léger survey.