Health is a significant source of happiness for 38% of seniors aged 65 or more. And the more we age, the more we’re concerned with our health.*


Among the many pleasures that daily life has to offer, being in good company tops the list for 60% of seniors.*


* According to a 2017 Léger survey.

Recognition and Self-worth

It is important for seniors to find goals and gratifying social roles rather than face the stigmatization of ageism or marginalization.

The Luc Maurice Foundation is happy to support the mission of the Petits-Frères. Through their actions in the field, the Little Brothers aim to counter the isolation of people aged 65 and over by increasing the opportunities for socialization and, above all, through the twinning of volunteers who establish lasting friendships with the elderly. alone and often isolated.

The relationship between the Luc Maurice Foundation and the Petits Frères goes further and also includes a partnership with the Maurice Group. Thus, beyond the support offered by the Luc Maurice Foundation, the Maurice Group annually mobilizes its employees in residence as well as at the head office to prepare hundreds of surprise boxes which are offered to great friends at Christmas.

Through this partnership, which is set to grow, the Luc Maurice Foundation and the Maurice Group hope to give the Little Brothers the means to extend their services to as many people as possible and to cover an ever-growing part of Quebec. However, the needs still far outweigh the resources and that is why we plan to continue our support while encouraging other people and organizations to get involved as well.

Isolation is unfortunately a social plague in Quebec, and we will all come together to respond to it.

Caroline Sauriol

Director, Little Brothers

Le Groupe Maurice is an active participant in the major financing campaign which aims to raise $10 million for the construction and operation for the first two years of the St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre. The home will also house the very first day centre in Montreal, which will support individuals who are in the final stages of life, and their loved ones who are providing care. To build this unique site, which will not be offering assisted dying, but rather assistance to pass from our world without suffering, our efforts will be combined with many reputed philanthropists. The ground breaking ceremony took place on October 30, 2017, and the Home should welcome its first beneficiaries in Spring 2019.

“Infusing a little colour into waning lives, that’s one of my greatest aspirations.”

Marie-Michèle Del Balso

Chair of the Board at the future St-Raphaël’s

How your donations help

By supporting the Luc Maurice Foundation, you help many organizations with the ability to make a difference in the lives of seniors.

Other than these causes, here are some of the organizations we’ve supported until now:

Palliative Home-Care Society Foundation of Montreal

Pass from this world at home


Little Brothers

Countering isolation


6 Universities (Udem, UQAM, UQTR, UdeS, Concordia, McGill)

Research in various fields related to aging well

500,000 $

Foundation of the Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal

Helping and better understanding the elderly


Un et un font mille

Creates works that combine theater, performance, installation and visual arts


AGES Foundation

Social geriatrics


>> Keep an eye out for our annual publication to find out all the organizations that receive funding from the Luc Maurice Foundation.