Meet our passionate team members who put our seniors at the heart of all they do.

Luc Maurice

President of the Board

Luc Maurice embodies an unwavering determination and boundless energy. He commands authority while maintaining a deep sense of humanity. As the Executive President and founder of Le Groupe Maurice, his foremost objective is to create living environments where seniors can thrive. Beyond the construction and administration of residential complexes, Luc believes that the company's true raison d'être is to promote the autonomy of retirees so that they can lead their lives as they wish and cultivate their passions for as long as possible. He has consistently urged his team to engage with organizations that enhance the quality of life for seniors and served as the Chairman of the Board of la Fondation Institut de gériatrie de Montréal (Montreal Geriatric Institute Foundation) until 2023. Today, he takes pride in dedicating himself to his foundation and spearheading future projects focusing on the well-being of the elderly in society.

Success means knowing how to give back to those around us.

Rita Kataroyan

Vice President of the board of directors

For Rita Kataroyan, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Le Groupe Maurice, optimizing the customer experience goes beyond meeting basic needs or desires. For her, embracing a business or cause is determined by the pride it generates in us, stemming from charitable efforts for our community. As a board member of la Fondation Institut de gériatrie de Montréal (Montreal Geriatric Institute Foundation) and Vice President of the Board of The Luc Maurice Foundation, Rita has always been passionate about the community impact of the organizations she supports. Her commitment and creativity contribute to enhancing the positive influence of the Foundation in Quebec society.

Isabelle Nantais

Secretary of the board of directors

Isabelle Nantais applies her expertise and leadership in numerous aspects of her life. Whether in professional or philanthropic endeavours, she willingly puts her discipline, generosity and legal knowledge to work for the projects or organizations she supports. In addition to her involvement with The Luc Maurice Foundation, Isabelle serves on the board of the Elder Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), Quebec Division. She is also a member of the board of directors of le Regroupement québécois des résidences pour aînés (The Quebec Coalition of Senior Residences.

Alain Champagne

Chairman of the Board

Since his appointment as President and CEO of Le Groupe Maurice in October 2022, Alain Champagne has been pursuing the compassionate vision of his predecessor, Luc Maurice, and is committed to promoting better ageing in society. Alain fundamentally believes in the power of active participation in the community, which has led him to engage with organizations such as the CHUM Foundation, Parkinson Quebec and the Quebec Lyme Disease Association. Altruistic and inspiring, Alain wholeheartedly supports the causes championed by The Luc Maurice Foundation by adding his personal touch to projects led by the CEO and the administrative committee.

Julie Tardif

Treasurer of the board of directors

Julie Tardif is not only adept with numbers but also possesses a compassionate nature. In her role as Vice President of Finance at Le Groupe Maurice, Julie stands out for her organizational expertise, her ability to meet set objectives and her remarkable emotional acuity. Beyond serving as a board member for la Fondation Espace pour la vie (The Space for Life Foundation) and Déclic Action (a centre helping people with dependencies), she currently holds the position of Treasurer for The Luc Maurice Foundation. Julie's contributions to the organization and her philanthropic dedication make her a valuable member of this administrative committee.


Managing Director of The Luc Maurice Foundation

Matias Duque has been active in the philanthropic arena for numerous years. Throughout his journey, he has been involved in various aspects of this field including fundraising development, management, institutional leadership, and consultancy for different non-profit organizations. Driven by a genuine concern for others and serving as a volunteer for several charitable entities, Matias willingly dedicates himself to the cause of seniors, one that holds special significance for him. Having shared close bonds with his grandparents and recognizing the path needed to improve the quality of life for the elderly, he now channels his efforts as the CEO of The Luc Maurice Foundation.

I’m honoured to join the extended Groupe Maurice family. My grandmother was a resident at AMBIANCE for eight years. I was therefore able to live through the Groupe’s experience. The quality of the care and the community life I witnessed affected me deeply. I know the company is sincere about the values it promotes, and it really places seniors above all.

Matias Duque