The Luc Maurice Foundation is happy to support the mission of the Petits-Frères. Through their actions in the field, the Little Brothers aim to counter the isolation of people aged 65 and over by increasing the opportunities for socialization and, above all, through the twinning of volunteers who establish lasting friendships with the elderly. alone and often isolated.

The relationship between the Luc Maurice Foundation and the Petits Frères goes further and also includes a partnership with the Maurice Group. Thus, beyond the support offered by the Luc Maurice Foundation, the Maurice Group annually mobilizes its employees in residence as well as at the head office to prepare hundreds of surprise boxes which are offered to great friends at Christmas.

Through this partnership, which is set to grow, the Luc Maurice Foundation and the Maurice Group hope to give the Little Brothers the means to extend their services to as many people as possible and to cover an ever-growing part of Quebec. However, the needs still far outweigh the resources and that is why we plan to continue our support while encouraging other people and organizations to get involved as well.